Monthly Archive for August, 2007

Welcome to Bakin’s Bits

David Bakin’s ResumeI—David Bakin—am an experienced software developer with over 25 years experience developing system and application software.

My aim with Bakin’s Bits is to write occasional blog posts, articles, and book reviews related to my software interests, and whatever I’m working on understanding.

My main interests are:

  • issues in concurrency, especially correctness, debugging, and appropriate design
  • functional programming—I know it is fun, I know it is powerful, but can I construct a business case that will convince a development manager to let me put it into a product?
  • GPGPU programming and other forms of stream programming, including
    • massively scalable systems that fit in Google’s map-reduce paradigm or another similar functional pipeline
  • fun in programming—not just fun as in functional, but also fun problems, and fun algorithms.

Thanks for checking in!  — Dave